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Give your business a stronger sense of purpose, a more engaged workforce and a more valuable market position.

Welcome to H&A

At H&A we help our clients build and maintain a significant competitive advantage.

We help them to refine their core business purpose and work with them to drive positive change. At the same time, we use a strategic design approach to strengthen their brand and improve the way they communicate with customers.

We deliver engaged and motivated staff and develop and implement an effective mix of strategic and creative ideas. We make sure that working with us is a stimulating and enjoyable process.

We are collaborative in everything we do and build long-term relationships; this ensures that positive beginnings result in sustainable successes.

We understand that it takes a focused and dynamic company to offer a compelling product, service or brand – and that this is the only really effective basis for truly successful marketing.

That’s why we work from the inside out – with the staff whose job it is to deliver – giving them ownership of any improvements, the tools they need to put those improvements in place and the satisfaction that comes from a job well done.

“The team at H&A took what was a complex brief of interpreting our disparate corporate culture, bringing four sub-brands together under one umbrella brand and planning a relaunch in a very coordinated manner.

Both the corporate value workshops and the subsequent re-branding sessions allowed us to engage with a wide section of the workforce and has contributed to the new concept being adopted much more quickly internally.

The entire process has been fun, exciting, engaging and it has been a wonderful experience working with the entire team both on the strategic elements and the design.”

Malcolm Cannon

CEO, Braemore

How we can help you build a more valuable brand


We’ll employ a variety of company-wide consultation and auditing techniques to develop a consensus on the challenges your business faces, the culture it aspires to and the business goals it is aiming for. From these firm foundations, we’ll work with you to develop a brand strategy that defines where your business will compete in the marketplace and how you’re going to win.


We’ll work collaboratively to get buy-in from all staff. We’ll engage with your wider organisation through training sessions, presentations and workshops to create a corporate culture aligned to a strong set of core visions and values. Alongside this internal process, we’ll work on your external ‘look’ and ‘voice’ to deliver a set of standards that everyone will understand and which will raise the bar for your visual and verbal communications.


We’ll help you implement the solutions we’ve jointly developed, ensuring that all staff have a strong feeling of ownership of the process – so they’re empowered not threatened. We’ll translate your long-term brand strategy into every-day actions and create powerful, relevant communications and sales materials. We’ll work to give your brand ‘legs’ and to make it work in the real world. We’ll continue this partnership over time, refining solutions and revisiting issues where necessary.

“H&A produced an intelligent solution to the brief given. They have been quick to understand the challenges of differentiation in our industry and the returns from this campaign have exceeded the goals set out in our brief.”

Karen Logue

Marketing Manager, F&C Investments


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