Rank your brand benefits

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Rank your brand benefits
Ross Haddow

Determine which features and benefit are most important to your customers - and which connect with them most strongly

The Tool

This discussion-based tool is designed to allow you to rank your brand’s benefits. Using the tool involves thinking about the features that your products and services offer. It gets you and your team to ask what type of benefits these features provide – are they purely functional (i.e. helping someone do something quicker) or are they emotional (e.g. making someone feel better about themselves).

Why use it

The tool will help you to highlight those benefits that should be the pillars around which you can build a strong and engaging brand. It will help you answers some fundamental questions about your brand.

The best brands connect with customers by playing on or engaging with their emotions. It is therefore very important to understand what benefits your products and service provide to people and what emotional responses they generate.

Great brands produce strong emotional responses – so you should be looking for the features and benefits that produce the strongest emotional connection. The brand benefits tool will help you do this.

How to use it

Get a mix of the right people together in a room (ensure that between them they know about all key aspects of your business) and set aside around two hours for the exercise. The only other things you’ll need will be notepaper and pens and someone to facilitate the discussion.

Include members from your sales and front-line teams in your discussions, as they will have the best first-hand experience of your customers and know what motivates them to engage with your company and what their ‘pain points’ are.

A session might run along these lines:

1. List your products and services and note down the benefits that each provide

2. Look at each of the benefits and decide whether they are functional or emotional

A functional benefit might be: ‘high fuel efficiency’, the emotional benefit might then be: ‘makes me feel like I’m saving the planet’

3. Determine how important each feature and benefit is to your customers

Ask whether the individual features and benefits are:

  • Expected (i.e. customers won’t purchase if they are missing)

  • Adding value (i.e. they help to differentiate you from your competitors by adding something extra or unique)

  • A winner (i.e. something that will make people come to you and you alone).

4. Rank the features and benefits

Now determine which features and benefit are most important to your customers and which connect with them most strongly. One way to do this is to rank them in the following order:

Functional benefits that are expected = 1 point
Functional benefits that add value = 2 points
Functional benefits that are ‘a winner’ = 3 points
Emotional benefits that are expected = 4 points
Emotional benefits that add value = 5 points
Emotional benefits that are ‘a winner’ = 6 points

Those that score highest should be the starting point for the ‘pillars’ on which you build your brand and brand strategy.