Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows?

Have you heard the story of the Sufi Farmer?


It goes like this…

An old farmer used all his savings to buy a fine horse. The same day he bought the horse, it jumped out of the field and escaped… A neighbour said to the old farmer, ‘That’s terrible news, how will you manage your work?’

The farmer replied… ‘Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows?’

The horse returned a couple days later… with another six fine horses. The neighbours were in awe with the old farmers unbelievable luck, ‘oh how lucky, you can now do more work than ever before!’

The famer replied… ‘Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows?’

The very next day, the farmer’s son was thrown off one of the new horses, and badly broke his leg, leaving him permanently incapacitated. The neighbours expressed their sympathy, ‘Now your son won’t be able to help around the farm, what a misfortune!’

The farmer replied… ‘Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows?’

A month later, war broke out and all the young men were forced to go to war. The farmer’s son, having broken his leg, was spared. The neighbours were devastated as they knew many of the young men from the village may not return… They expressed their envy to the old farmer, ‘How lucky that you get to keep your son!’

I think you can guess what the old farmer said…

‘Good thing? Bad thing? Who knows?’

Moral of the story? Don’t get caught up in rejection, misfortune or loss- because the thing that may seem overwhelmingly bad- may offer that blessing in disguise. Dare I say, ‘everything happens for a reason’.

Be your best self, and don’t let circumstances affect how you work, play or live.